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Specialised Healthcare Capabilities

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Global Logistics Health care team Dubai.

Shipping and Compliance

In the healthcare industry, you know that a large part of the story behind optimal outcomes is getting the right product into the right hands – surgeon, pathologist, pharmacist or supply room – safely, swiftly, reliably and compliantly. Any disruption can adversely impact patient health, your reputation and your bottom line.

Minimise transit risks by relying on our healthcare-optimised global transportation network, deep regulatory experience and end-to-end oversight to ensure that yours is a success story.

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Storage and Distribution

When you partner with Global Logistics, you'll gain the human capital, expertise, global infrastructure and proven solutions to make possibilities a reality.

Expand your global footprint on a compressed timeline. Scale capacity up or down to meet market demand – without the overhead and global workforce burden.

And imagine when you're free to focus on your core business, how you can fill that immediately available global operation with new or larger inventories of life-saving discoveries.

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Cold Chain Solutions

More healthcare products than ever are temperature-sensitive and need careful protection. Whether you are shipping pharmaceuticals, biologicals, lab specimens or even temperature-sensitive reagents, we've got packaging expertise, freight containers, monitoring devices, and monitoring and intervention solutions that can help deliver your products at the right time – and in the right condition.

Our growing global network of healthcare optimised facilities includes 6 million square feet across more than 50 warehouses with temperature- and humidity-controlled environments to ensure that products remain in optimal conditions during transit and storage. Add our 24/7 monitoring and risk mitigation services to achieve the best patient and profitability outcomes.

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With the growing variance in classifications and regulations across countries, exporting and importing healthcare products keeps getting more complex.

Global Logistics expansive transportation network, established security protocol processes,cold chain systems, and expertise in worldwide customs compliance can mean the difference between obstacles and opportunity.

Whether your goal is saving lives across borders or acquiring the raw materials to develop new cures, Global Logistics  will guide you across borders safely and compliantly.